Municipal Council of Beau Bassin/Rose Hill 
Royal Road
Rose Hill

Mayor:                            Mr Ken Fat Fong Suk Koon
Secretary                        Mr Vineshsing Seeparsad
Treasurer:                      Mr Daniel Lam Hing
Date of Foundation:      1896
No. of Members:            24 Municipal Town Councillors

3 crematoria situated at:
Chebel (2)
Camp Levieux

Statistics of cremations for The Municipal Council of Beau Bassin - RoseHill

  Cremations Total Deaths % of Deaths
2017 94 -


2018 112 811 13.81

The Black River District Council 
Geoffroy Road

President:                    Mr Magdeleine Steeve
Secretary:                    Ms Bhujohory MA
Treasurer:                    Mrs Ramlolls
Date of Foundation:    1989
No. of Members:          14

5 Crematoria (Black River Council area) situated at:
The St Martin Cremation Ground, Bambous (Montagne St Pierre Crematorium)
Locations of other crematoria - unknown

 *Statistics of Cremations for The Black River District Council ​

  Cremations Total Deaths % of Deaths
2016 107 564 18.97
2017 211 435 48.50

*Latest figures obtainable

Municipal Council of Curepipe 
Queen Elizabeth II Avenue

Mayor:                           Mr Hans Berty Margueritte
Chief Executive:            Miss B Bazerque
Financial Controller:    Miss Pushadevi Viveka Mohabeer
Date of Foundation:    1889
No. of Members:          20

5 crematoria situated at:
Bigarade Cemetery/Crematorium (1 wood pyre, 2 gas cremators)
Trou Aux Cerfs (1 wood pyre)
Tout Court Cremation Ground (1 wood pyre)

Statistics of Cremations for Municipal Council of Curepipe

  Cremations Total Deaths % of Deaths
2017  220 530 41.51
2018 216 562 38.43


The District Council of Flacq 
Plaine de Gersingy
Central Flacq

Chief Executive (Ag):      Mr Ramanjooloo

28 crematoria (cremators) situated at:

Statistics of Cremations for The District Council of Flacq

  Cremations Total Deaths % of Deaths
2013* 496 - -

*Latest figures obtainable

The District Council of Grand Port
Royal Road
Rose Belle

President:    Mr Nirmal Domah
Secretary:    Mr Shyam Teeluck
Treasurer:    Mr Navin Soogund
Date of Foundation:    1950
No. of Members:    28

23 crematoria (21 Cremation Grounds and 2 cremators) situated at:

Cremation grounds situated at: St Hilaire, Riviere des Creoles (Pte Brocus Cemetery), Old Grand Port, Bois des Amourettes, Petit Sable, Beau Champs, Plaine Magnien, Camp Carol, Mare D’Albert, Trois Boutiques, New Grove (Gros Billot), Rose Belle, Union Park, Cluny, Nouvelle France, 16 eme Mille, Midlands, Mare Tabac, Mahebourg (Tombeau) , Petit Bel Air, Mare Chicose

Cremators situated at: Plaine Magnien, Rose Belle

Statistics unknown

The District Council of Moka 
District Council Office
Royal Road
Quartier Militaire

Chairman:            Mr Rendanarden Sooben
Chief Executive:    Mr Ghovadarajah Naidoo Ramanjooloo
Treasurer:             Mr Abdool Azad Moideen
Date of Foundation:    1951
No. of Members:    17

14 crematoria (cremators) situated at:
villages in the District of Moka

*Statistics of Cremations for The District of Moka

  Cremations Total Deaths % of Deaths
2012 102 246 41.46
2013 250 - -

*Latest figures obtainable

District Council of Pamplemousses
Morrison Road

President:    Mr R Woochit, Gosk
Secretary:    Mr R Beeharry
Treasurer:    Mr G Charles
Date of Foundation:    2013

Number of Cremation Grounds: 19
Situated at: Calebasses, Creve Coeur, Fond du Sac (First Road), Fond du Sac (Ossailles), Grande Rosalie, Ilot, Le Hochet (Riche Terre), Long Mountain (Les Mariannes), Mon Gout, Morc St Andre, Notre Dame, Pamplemousses (Old Cholera Cemetery), Plaine des Papayes, Pointe aux Piments, Terre Rouge (Bois Marchand Cemetery), Triolet (Derningham), Triolet (Fire Station), Triolet (Sewraz), Ville Bague (Nicoliere)

Statistics unknown

City Council of Port Louis 
Jules Koenig Street
Port Louis

Lord Mayor:              Mr Daniel Eric Clive Laurent
Ag Chief Executive:   Mr Jaylall Mulloon
Treasurer:                 Mrs R Bukhory
Number of members:  32

4 crematoria situated at:

Statistics of Cremations for City Council of Port-Louis

  Cremations Total Deaths % of Deaths
2017 133 - -
2018 125 - -

Municipal Council of Quatre Bornes
St Jean Road
Quartre Bornes

President:                    Mrs Soolekha Jepaul-Raddhoa
Chief Executive:          F S Kiow San
Treasurer:                   Mr Sanjay Veerasamy
Date of Foundation:    1896

3 crematoria situated at:

*Statistics of Cremations for Municipal Council of Quatre Bornes

  Cremations Total Deaths % of Deaths
2016 798 1,345 59.33
2017 269    681 39.50


*Latest figures obtainable

The District Council of Riviere du Rempart
Royal Road

Chairman:                        Mr Goorooduth Chuckum
Chief Executive:                Mr Dheeraj Gopaul
Chief Health Inspector:    N Langur
Date of Foundation:  1962
No. of Members:  22

3 crematorium situated at:
Petit Raffray (Daruty)

Statistics of Cremations for The District of Riviere du Rempart

  Cremations Total Deaths % of Deaths
2015    265+ - -
2016    248*    

*Latest figures obtainable      +Cremations at Belmont 229, Petit Raffray 19, Piton 17

District Council of Savanne
Lady Barkly Street, Souillac

Chairperson:                Mr K Gajadur
Chief Executive:            Mrs S Coonjan Jugroop
Financial Controller:    Mr M N Rungasamy
Date of Foundation:  2012 
No. of Members:  19

Number of Cremation Grounds: 11
Situated at: St Martin, Riviere des Galets, Chamouny, Tyack, Camp Diable, L'Escalier (25 arpents, Bassin Caragngue), Rivere du Poste (Royal Road, Seeajee), Grand Bois, Bois Cheri

Statistics unknown

Municipal Council of Vacoas-Phoenix
Town Hall
St Paul Avenue

Mayor:                              Mr F Dowlut
Secretary:                         Mr Rajcoomar Gangadeen
Treasurer:                        Mr C Ramasawmy
Date of Foundation:       1963
Number of members:       18

9 crematoria situated at:

  • Allee Brillant
  • Camp Fouquereaux
  • Cinq Arpents
  • Henrietta
  • Highlands
  • La Marie
  • Phoenix Cemetery
  • Solferino
  • Trois Mamelles Cemetery

*Statistics of Cremations for Municipal Council of Vacoas-Phoenix

  Cremations Total Deaths % of Deaths
2016 345 753 45.82
2017   296* - -

*The figures are for Phoenix Municipal Cemetery and Trois Mamelles. The council does not have records for the cremations carried out on cremation grounds.

Latest figures obtainable
N.B. Permits for cremation are issued including those at the Pheonix Cemetery by the Ministry of Health.