Every year we gather statistical information from every crematorium in the UK and from as many organisations as possible from across the world, to track new and developing trends. 

The Cremation Society is the only organisation that collects these detailed statistics and this information is used by UK Government departments, crematoria management, bereavement organisations, funeral directors and planning consultants alike.

On this page you will find:-

You can also visit our 'Cremation numbers since opening' page to find details of numbers of cremations per crematorium, based on each region in the British Islands.

As well as the national and international statistics given below, you can find more statistics by purchasing a subscription to our journal, Pharos International, and receiving our annual dedicated statistics issue

Image of front page of Pharos International Statistics Issue 2022

Image of Woking Crematorium in 1885

PROGRESS OF CREMATION IN THE BRITISH ISLANDSYou can view the figures demonstrating the progress of cremation from 1885 to 2022 here