Constitution and Annual Reports

Aims of the Society

The objects for which the Society is established, as expressed its current Memorandum of Association, are:-

  • to promote the practice of cremation for the respectful disposal of the bodies of dead persons;
  • to advance public education in the practice and ethics of cremation; and
  • to investigate methods of disposing of the bodies of dead persons which appear to the Society to be superior to cremation and, if the Society thinks fit, to promote such methods and advance public education in their practice and ethics either instead or in addition to cremation.

In pursuance of these objects the Society has power, among other things, to

  • to organise meetings and lectures, to foster research and to disseminate knowledge about cremation by any other appropriate means
  • to co-operate with other organisations and individuals, both national and international
  • to encourage the highest operational and ethical standards in cremation practice through the establishment, ownership, management of or investment in crematoria and associated facilities and by such other means as the Council thinks fit
  • in respect of any method of disposing of the bodies of dead persons other than cremation which the Society decides to investigate or promote, to act in a like manner as it can act in respect of cremation
  • to pay for the cost of cremation for deceased members and others

Memorandum and Articles of Association

The Society is a Company limited by Guarantee having no share capital and is a registered charity.

Memorandum of Association, dated 22 June 1922, as amended on 14 October 2004 and 17 June 2008

Articles of Association adopted on 14 October 2004

Membership Details

Following the adoption of the Society's new Memorandum and Articles of Association, membership schemes are currently being revised.

For further details please contact the Secretary of the Society.


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Annual Reports

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