The Society and its Council members are involved in many activities throughout the year, in order to achieve the aims of the Society.  


We have detailed here just some of the activities recently carried out by the Society, many of which are carried out on a regular basis:


- the publication of Pharos International, the official quarterly journal of the Cremation Society and the International Cremation Federation (ICF)

- the collation of annual statistics both from around the UK and internationally

- the publication of our annual Directory of Crematoria which provides essential information to the bereavement sector

- jointly hosting the annual Cremation and Burial Communication Event (CBCE) with the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities, attracting high-quality speakers, exhibitors and delegates from the various areas within the bereavement sector

- the publication of a monthly news review bringing an update on the latest news and developments in the funeral sector 

- hosting delegates from overseas in connection with all aspects of cremation in the UK

- Council members representing the Society at external events speaking on a wide range of subjects

- taking part in a one-day Bereavement Services Seminar with other organisations

- answering queries raised from professionals and members of the public on a large number of different aspects of the cremation process and issues arising.


Photo of Professor Hilary Grainger OBE - Chairman of The Cremation Society of Great BritainPhoto of Colin Rickman - Council member of The Cremation Society of Great Britain