Cremation Law

Statutory Law Relating to Cremation in the United Kingdom


Brief history of statutory law relating to cremation in the U.K.

The first Act of Parliament concerning cremation was the Cardiff Corporation Act, 1894: section 71 of this Act empowered the Corporation to establish a crematorium in its cemetery. Between then and 1902, four other similar local Acts were passed... Read More


Texts of Acts of Parliament and Statutory Regulations relating to cremation

The collection of texts includes (1) the original texts of statutes and statutory regulations relating to cremation and (2) the texts of the two Cremation Acts, the 1903, 1920, 1930 and 2008 (English and Welsh) Cremation Regulations, and the 1928 and 1935 (Scottish)... Read More


Transfers of functions under the Cremation Acts

England and Wales - 1919: The functions of the Local Government Board under Cremation Act, 1902, were transferred to the newly created Minister of Health by Ministry of Health Act, 1919 (c. 21), s. 3(1)(a). S. 5 of that Act allowed the Minister to establish a Board of Health in Wales... Read More


Chronological summary of amendments to Cremation Acts and Regulations

Amendments to the Cremation Acts - Perjury Act 1911 (c. 6) s. 17, Sch. 1 - Cremation Act, 1902, s. 8(2) made it an offence to make "any false declaration or representation" with a view to procuring a cremation. Perjury Act, 1911, removed the words "declaration or" from s. 8(2)... Read More