• Number of crematoria: 38
  • Crematoria situated at:
    • Chiayi City
    • Hsinchu City, Hsinchu County (Huko Township) (Zhudong Township), Hualien County (Fonglin Township) (Jian Township) (Rueisuei Township) (Yuli Township)
    • Kaohsiung City (Renwu District) (Sanmin District), Keelung City, Kinmen County
    • Lienchiang County (Nangan Township)
    • Miaoli County (Dahu Township) (Houlong Township) (Nanjhuang Township)
    • Nantou County (Jiji Township)
    • Penghu County (Magong City), Pingtung County (Fangliao Township) (Gaoshu Township) (Pingtung City)
    • Taichung City (Daja District) (Xiton District), Tainan City (Baihe District) (Liouying District) (Sinying District) (South District) (Zoujhen District)
      Taipei City, New Taipei City, Taoyuan City (Jhongli District) (Taoyuan District), Taitung County (Chenggong Township) (Taitung City)
    • Yilan County (Luodong Township) (Toucheng Township) (Yilan City), Yunlin County (Huwei Township)

*Statistics of cremations

  Cremations Total Deaths % of Deaths
2016 166,246 172,829 96.19
2017 165,692 171,242 96.76

*Latest figures obtainable

Cremation Organisation:
There is no national cremation society in Taiwan. All information is provided by the following organisation.

Kaihung Environmental Engineering Co Ltd
6F., No. 376, Sec. 7
Cheng De Road, Bei-Tou
Ching-Wen Hu