• Number of crematoria: 4
  • Crematoria situated at:
    1. Port of Spain, operated by Port of Spain City Corporation
    2. San Fernando, operated by Belgroves Funeral Home Co. Ltd.
    3. Trincity, operated by Belgroves Funeral Home Co. Ltd.
    4. Arima

    In addition there are 6 locations (riverbanks used by Hindus alone) where cremations are carried out by traditional pyre

*Statistics of cremations

  Cremations Total Deaths % of Deaths
2014 *998 10,379 *9.62
2015 *1,042 10,618 *9.81

*Note on the Statistics of cremations: San Fernando and Trincity only.

2015 are the latest figures available.

Cremation Organisation:
Belgroves Funeral Homes Company Ltd
107-109 Coffee Street
San Fernando
Trinidad, West Indies
Chief Executive Officer:
Keith Belgrove
Assistant Chief Executive Officer:
Mercedes Belgrove
Date of foundation:
1888 (private company)